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Books Of The Bible

Genesis Part I. Creation and Fall
Genesis has all the marks of a tremendous novel: from the creation stor5y to the fall of mankind; the curse of Cain to the promise of the rainbow ... Murder, intrigue, power, and beauty.
In this exposition and commentary of Genesis 1:1 to 11:32, you are led through the crucial events chronicled in the early chapters of Genesis. It is here that you see established the relationship of God to the universe, including all of humankind. The doctrines of God, of man, sin, judgment, justification, salvation, covenants, prayer, and discipleship are all here.
Book: $20.00; 12 tapes, $60.00

Nehemiah: Learning to Lead.
Are leaders made or born? What are the marks of great leadership? What skills and qualities should you look for when appointing key leaders? If you in a position of leadership, how should you handle tight deadlines, office politics,
and opposition? You will be introduced to Nehemiah as a man who communed regularly with God in order to receive the wisdom, skill, patience, and perseverance required to be a consistent and effective leader; and who learned to lead in a way that pleased God.
Book $15.00 7 tapes: $35.00

Sure I Believe, So What?
Practical Christianity: Studies in the Book of James
No matter how enthusiastically we embrace doctrinal teaching, it has no vitality unless accompanied by consistent action in our lives. An important message in the extremely practical and instructive letter of James is that we must live what we believe. But how can we demonstrate our faith to others on a daily and compelling basis? Study the book of James with Dr. O
=Neal and learn how to put what you believe into action.
Book, $9.00 5 tapes, $28.00


PRACTICAL APOLOGETICS - Excellent for the beginner in witnessing and discipling and confronting our culture. Presenting Christ in an alien culture.
3 tapes, $15, printed copy $5.

APOLOGETICS II - An extended study into the work of the apologist that of defending the Christian position in an alien culture and sometimes hostile environment.
8 tapes, $40.

BACK TO BASICS - When things go wrong, it is usually not because we are failing to follow some newfangled formula. It is because we have begun to compromise the essentials. It is amazing how quickly things fall into place when we get back to the basics.
6 tapes, $30.

BRIDGING TWO WORLDS: The Christian leadership model and the political arena in America today. The decline of our nation - atheism and secular philosophy in education and culture and the Christian response:
5 tapes - $30; on computer disk $10

THE CAMPUS FORUM I: 1. Is Atheism Dead? Is God Alive? 2. Getting to Truth: Who is Jesus? (And Why Does It Matter?) 3. Questions and Answers.
3 tapes $20, printed copy $5.

THE CAMPUS FORUM II Constructing a Coherent World View * Search For Meaning * Christ and Culture.
3 tapes $20.

THE CAMPUS FORUM III 1. The Lostness Of Man. 2. Why I Am Not An Atheist. 3. Jesus Among Other gods.
6 Tapes, $30

4 Tapes, $20; Book $10, Disk $5.

8 Tapes, $40

CAN YOU TRUST THE BIBLE? The problem of other gods.
3 Tapes $20.

* Biblical Authority And Our Cultural Crisis: these tapes discuss cultural relativism and the emasculation of the truth in our day.
2 tapes - $10, on disk $5.

*The New Age Religions: Examines New Age religions and their influence in our culture. Where did New Age come from and how did it get into American society?
3 tapes $15, on disk $7.

A MEETING OF THE MINDS - An understanding of the Eastern Religions confusion and the Western secular delusion, a discerning of the spirit of the times.
3 tapes, $15

8 TAPES, $40.

HOW TO WITNESS TO MORMONS For anyone who wants to effectively communicate the Gospel to Mormons. How many Gods are there? Who is Jesus to the Mormons? Can we become gods ourselves? Discusses the priesthood, authority, revelation, etc.
4 tapes, $20

CHRISTIANITY IN CRISIS - Exposes the questionable and heretical teachings of the health and wealth gospel peddlers such as Kenneth Hagin, Frederick Price, Kenneth Copeland and others.
2 tapes $10.


HERMENEUTICS - The study of the principles of interpretation. This is an indispensable tool for interpreting and harmonizing passages of Scripture.
8 tapes, $40

6 Tapes, $30

Inerrancy. How to Interpret the Bible. What is Inspiration? Does God Lie? Theories of Biblical Inspiration. New Directions in Biblical Scholarship.
6 Tapes, $30.


* Old Testament Survey - these tapes contain an introduction to and a survey of the Old Testament.
8 tapes - $50; on computer disk $20.

PROPHECY-I - THE MAJOR PROPHETS This is one of the best study courses covering the major prophets.
14 tapes, $70,

PROPHECY-2 - THE MINOR PROPHETS An overview and study of each of the twelve minor prophets.
12 tapes, $60.

TALKS FROM ROMANS - This is a fantastic series of talks that puts Paul's teachings into perspective on subjects concerning our personal lives. Packed with valuable insights into the book of Romans.
12 Tapes - $70.

BOOK OF HEBREWS This is a college level study course in the book of Hebrews.
8 Tapes, $40

4 Tapes, $20.



THE GOSPEL OF JOHN - A college level study with reference to the original language. Background information that places the book in historical context. A must for the serious student.
15 tapes, $75 (can be taken for 3 credits).

THE BOOK OF ACTS This is a college level study course in the book of Acts. It is a verse by verse study with reference and background information. Can be taken for credit or tapes can be purchased to audit.
15 tapes, $75.

ACCORDING TO THE BOOK OF ACTS - Great themes presented in the book of Acts. "The Word of God," "The Church in the book of Acts, Baptism of the Spirit, Discipleship, Coming of the Kingdom, Light and Darkness, Miraculous Gifts of the Holy Spirit, and more, including a three tape overview of the entire book.
12 tapes, $70

* The Book of Romans - these tapes offer an introductory course and a verse by verse study of Romans.
12 tapes - $70 ; on computer disk $25.

* Book of Revelation - an introduction to and an overview of the book of Revelation, these are an excellent help in understanding the book of Revelation.
20 tapes - $100; on computer disk - $35.


GRACE This is a six tape series on one of the most important topics. Each tape is a separate lesson.
6 tapes $30


* Success Plus - These tapes will enable you to increase your level of expectation, set goals, build confidence and self-esteem, build success skills, manage stress, manage time, and stay focused and happy on your way to the top.
6 tapes - $40; on computer disk $10.

* Motivational Tapes - excellent motivational messages for inspiration , can be ordered individually or as a set.
10 tapes $50

4 tapes $25

4 tapes $25.


THE PERSON INSIDE - God has called us to become men and women of Character. "He which begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ" (Phil. 1:4).
8 Tapes, $40.


THE POWER WITHIN - Unleash Personal Power within. Align your conscious and unconscious forces that direct your destiny. The amazing techniques for unifying personal goals, values, core beliefs and rules to create consistent personal greatness and lifelong success in whatever you do.

WHAT IS IT THAT shapes how you feel every moment of the day? What determines how you make decisions, what you actually do, and the final results you want to achieve in your life? What determines your destiny and who you become as a person?

THE ANSWER - The way you evaluate your life. "As a man thinks In his hear so is he." As in water face answers face, so the mind of the man reflects the man. The evaluations we make moment by moment.

Price - $150

KIT CONTAINS Two booklets, 20 lessons on tapes, and 5 Conditioning tapes.

MEMORY MASTER - Remember names, dates, places, phone numbers, and just about anything else you want to remember. Instant recall and a photographic memory. Two different courses

Memory Course - Short Course $60. 5 tapes

Memory Course Extended Course $100.

READING MASTER - Would you like to read 1,100 to 1,900 words a minute with understanding? Do you have books stacked up somewhere in your study that you hope to read one day? Would you like to read with comprehension more than five books every week in less time than you normally devote to reading one book?
(Tape set , $60)

PERSONAL POWER MASTER - Twelve tapes, $100

PERSONAL HEALTH -provide all the latest in formation to make you healthy as possible.
Four tapes, $25.

RELAXATION MASTER - Four different relaxation techniques, one, to reduce tension and stress, one for health and energy, one for deep relaxation, and one for mental and spiritual well-being.
4 tapes, $40



A set of eight lectures by W. Carl Ketcherside on the ministry of elders and deacons in the church. The topics include The Ministry, Distinction of Terms, Ruling by Example, The Church at Philippi, Domestic and Administration. Qualifications of Elders, Moral and Social Qualifications of Elders, The First Deacons, and Qualifications of Deacons.
Book $12; Tapes $40 (eight tapes); Disk $7.

* New Testament Elders - a basis for criticizing and renewing the eldership, an examination of the elders in the Old Testament, the New Testament, through the history of the church, and as the elders function in the churches today.
Book $7. Tapes $30. (6 tapes) Disk $7.

* Lessons in Leadership - the Lord's leaders for the church, an introduction to l.
The Book $5.00 Tapes $10. (2 tapes) Disk $3.

DISCIPLESHIP (PART I). The Word of God, Kingdoms in Conflict, Light and darkness, Church.
8 tapes, $40.

DISCIPLESHIP (Part II). Discipleship Defined, Discipleship Demonstrated, Discipleship Demanded.



A preaching ministry offering the best in New Testament preaching.

New Testament Preaching is a monthly resource providing you with the best in preaching. When you subscribe you will automatically receive a different tape every month. Each tape will contain an outstanding message dealing specifically with a topic of primary importance. Each message is delivered by one of the outstanding speakers in the restoration movement. In addition many tapes will include interviews and further helps to equip you to be the best you can be while serving Christ. Each tape will also contain news of the brotherhood, news that informs and enhances your knowledge of both the Word of God and the Churches of Christ and Christian churches in the USA and around the world.

You can help us to better serve you by: Sending us copies of messages and lectures you consider to be first in quality and importance in subject matter. Royalties and honorariums are given to all contributing speakers and writers.



EB01 Behold The Man
EB02 Five Questions
EB03 Pray for the Second Coming
EB04 Prayer for the Preacher
EB05 God Hath Spoken
EB06 They Wouldn't Bow, Bend, or Burn
EB07 Them and Us
EB08 That They All May Be One
EB09 Prayer Meeting In Hell

DB21 The Axe of God's Wrath
DB22 Love, Lick, Learn
DB23 What, Where, How
DB24 I Am Not Ashamed
DB25 You Must Warn Your Friend
DB26 Who Cares If You Go To Hell
DB27 Deadline Eternity
DB28 By Grace You Are Saved Thru Faith
DB29 Three Hardest Sayings of Jesus

RC01 What the New Testament Says about The Local Church
RC02 What the New Testament Says About The Local Church
RC03 What the New Testament Says About The Local Church
RC04 Doctrinal Trends of the Restoration Movement
RC05 The Judgment of The Nations
RC06 What it Means To Be Saved
RC07 Miracles, Signs and Wonders
RC08 Challenge To The Cults
RC09 Jude, 1,2,3,4
RC10 The Salt of The Earth
RC11 Luke 19:11
RC12 Cults, Cultism, Cult: A Definition
RC13 We've Got To Kill Isaac
RC14 Jesus Is Lord
RC15 Leaders Must Know The Word
RC16 The Baptism of The Holy Spirit
RC17 The Night Before The Day After
RC18 The Inerrancy or Errancy of The Movement
RC19 Thy Word is Truth
RC20 The Antichrist
RC21 Fellowship
RC22 The Indwelling Gift of The Holy Spirit
RC23 The Antichrist And The Last Hour
RC24 The Second Coming
RC25 The Cutting Edge of The Movement
RC26 Builders or Destroyers
RC27 A Question of Lordship
RC28 The Spirit of Truth
RC29 Light at Evening
RC30 The Lord's Day
RC31 Romans 8
RC32 The New Jerusalem
RC33 Digging Our Own Wells
RC34 Sons of God
RC35 The Identity of Christ
RC36 The Second Coming
RC37 Restoration of All Things
RC38 Johns Vision, The New Son
RC39 The Great Church
RC40 The Birth of The Church
RC41 Sonship
RC42 New Jerusalem
RC43 Final Distress - Final Victory
RC44 Patience
RC45 Lame Man at The Gate Beautiful
RC46 The Problem of Administration
RC47 Straying From the Truth
RC48 Teaching the Pure Word
RC49a The Local Church
RC49b The Local Church
RC49c The Local Church
RC50a Series on Cults
RC50b Series on Cults
RC50c Series on Cults

CC01 Unchanging Goals in A Changing World

How to Move The Restoration into 21st Century. Six Tapes.
JD071 What We Have Inherited
JD072 What Can We Learn From
JD072 Need To Change
JD074 What We Can Offer The Future

DD01 Identity
DD02 Motivation on Prayer From Paul
DD03 David's Prayer Life

GD01 Breaking of Bread
GD02 Apostles Doctrine

GF01 Life is Not Fair
GF02 I Am Not A Church Splitter
GF03 Octave Parables
GF04 In-laws or Outlaws
GF05 Restoration to Worship

CF01 The Boston Church of Christ Concept
CF02 Let Me Be Like Jesus
CF03 The Civil War Within
CF04 Revival Thru Prayer

CG401 Why Call The Preacher
CG402 Power of Words
CG403 Prayer
CG404 Self-Examination
CG405 Nothing Hurts a Man Like Sin
CG406 Resurrection - They Baptized Jesse Taylor
CG407 You Have Compassed This Mountain Long Enough
CG408 Love Not The World
CG409 Forgiveness
CG410 Our Enemy The Devil
CG411 The Little Red Barn
CG412 The Twinkling of an Eye
CG413 One Second After Death
CG414 Go Into All The World
CG415 Come Before Winter
CG416 Signs of A Second Coming
CG417 This Solemn Serious Hour
CG418 The Foolishness of God
CG419 Our Bodies
CG420 The Worlds Message to the Church
CG421 The Purpose of Unity
CG422 Sins That Crucified Jesus
CG423 God
CG424 The Reality of God
CG425 Ten-Forty
CG426 Scientific Assurity
CG427 Does God Speak Directly To Men
CG428 Verbal Inspiration
CG429 Jesus and The Bible
CG430 Do You Pray
CG431 What Is Really Wrong With America
CG432 Back Sliding To Hell
CG433 Wide Gap Between What The Bible Says And What Men Believe
CG434 Where Are The Dead
CG435 The Millennium
CG436 Water
CG437 Only A Step Between Me and Death
CG438 The Church

CG01 FS D.C. Carroll
CG02 FS Deaton Smith
CG03 FS R.C. Childress
CG04 FS Mrs. D.C. Carroll
CG05 FS Otis Matney
CG06 FS Bennie Tylenda
CG07 FS Wilma Biliter #1
CG08 FS Wilma Biliter #2

BOG01 Lord, Teach Us To Pray
BOG02 Loving the Brethren
BOG03 Flood in Grundy
BOG04 The Most Needed Thing In The World
BOG05 One on One, You Can Do It

CK056 Set of Twelve Tapes on Minor Prophets CK057 Unity of Spirit
CK058 Unity of Spirit
CK059 What is Justification
CK060 The Gordian Knot
CK061 Open Forum
CK062 Open Forum
CK063 Introduction to the Book of Joshua
CK064 A Journey Through Deuteronomy
CK065 Why We Know the Bible is Gods Word
CK066 "Charismatic" Gifts
CK067 The Image of Nebuchadnezzar
CK068 The Four Great Beasts of Daniel
CK069 The Seven Lamp stands
CK070 The Seven Functions of The Holy Spirit
CK071 Birth and Adoption
CK072 Traveling Through the Wildernes
CK073 Qualifications for Deacons
CK074 The New Year of Deliverance
CK075 I'm Dreaming of a Right Christmas
CK076 Practical Applications of Christian Faith
CK077 Even This Shall Pass
CK078 Turning, Serving, Waiting
CK079 Twentieth Century Pilgrims
CK080 The Christ Who Never Forsakes
CK081 The Faith That Never Falters
CK082 A Sad Farewell
CK083 Caught in a Riot
CK084 Ordinance of Blessing
CK085 Touch Not, Taste Not, Handle Not
CK086 Behind The Scenes with Philemon
CK087 The Branch of God
CK088 The Faith That Never Fails
CK089 The Father Who Never Forgets
CK090 The Unknown God
CK091 Songs in Prison
CK092 Faith is the Victory
CK093 I'll Put Jesus First
CK094 The Condemned Remnant
CK095 The Touch of Life
CK096 The Faith That Never Fools Us
CK097 The Obedience that Never Falls
CK098 Behind the Scenes With The Romans
CK099 Behind the Scenes With Luke
CK100 What is Wisdom
CK101 Institution of Marriage
CK102 Mistaken For Gods
CK103 Good News in the Synagogue
CK104 The Alleluia Chorus
CK105 A Same Mind
CK106 The Eighty Weeks of Daniel
CK107 Ten Characteristics of a Pagan Society
CK108 Open Forum on Restoration
CKP01 Prophecy
CKP02 Prophecy
CKP03 Prophecy
CKP04 Prophecy
CKP05 Prophets in Exile
CKP06 Prophecy, Exile cont.
CKP07 Prophecy, Ezekiel
CKP08 Prophets in Jerusalem
CKP09 Prophets in Jerusalem
CKP10 Prophets in Jerusalem
CKP11 Evangelical Prophet Isaiah
CKP12 Evangelical Prophets
CKP13 Evangelical Prophets
CKP14 Evangelical Prophets
CKP15 Prophecy

Carl Ketcherside
CKR20 Introduction to Revelation Rev. 1:1-9
CKR21 Pergamos and Thyatira, Rev. 2:12-29
CKR22 Sardis and Philadelphia, Rev. 3:1-13
CKR23 Laodiceans, Rev. 3:14-22
CKR24 The Heavenly Senate, Rev. 4
CKR25 The Sealed Book, Rev. 4
CKR26 The War of the Ages, Rev. 6:1-8
CKR27 The Souls Under The Altar, Rev. 6:9-11
CKR28 The Fifth and Sixth Seals Rev. 6,7
CKR29 The Four Trumpets, Rev. 8
CKR30 The Fifth and Sixth Trumpets, Rev. 9
CKR31 The Angel and The Book, Rev. 10
CKR32 The Seventh Trumpet, Rev. 11
CKR33 The Woman and The Dragon, Rev. 12
CKR34 The Two Beasts, Rev. 13:1-10
CKR35 The Mark of The Beasts, Rev. 13:1-10
CKR36 The Patience of The Saints, Rev. 14
CKR37 The Preparation for Wrath, Rev. 15
CKR38 The Seven Bowls of Wrath, Rev. 16
CKR39 Babylon The Great, Rev. 17:1-8
CKR40 The Mind With Wisdom
CKR41 Plagues of Punishment, Rev.18
CKR42 The Marriage of the Lamb, Rev.19:1-10
CKR43 The Man on the White Horse, Rev.19:11-21
CKR44 The Binding of Satan, Rev.20:1-10
CKR45 The Great White Throne, Rev.20:11-15
CKR46 No Tears in Heaven, Rev. 21:1-8
CKR47 The Holy City, Rev. 21:1-8
CKR48 The River of Life, Rev. 22:1-7
CKR49 The Great Imitation, Rev. 22: 8-21
CKR50 The Plan of the Ages, Summary of Revelation

BM01 Worlds Greatest Prayer Partner
BM02 Blessings From The Beatitudes
BM03 How To Make Sermons and Bible Lessons More Interesting
BM04 Does God Talk To Oral Roberts
BM05 God's Word- Truth Without Error

BD01 Church Growth
BD02 Lesson's From The Wall of Jericho

J1107 Good News
J1108 Jesus is Lord
J1109 View From The Steeple
J1110 Why Does God Allow
J1111 Children of God
J1112 Two Gods
J1113 Jesus Christ
J1114 Why Did Jesus Die On A Cross
J1115 One Body, His Body
J1116 The Bible All Or Nothing
J1117 Love, I Corinthians 13
J1118 The Pattern
J1119 The Bible
J1120 The Importance of the Church
J1121 How is Your Vision
J1122 A Day to Remember
J1123 Fellowship
J1124 Prayers
J1125 Not Ashamed of the Gospel ,Romans 1:11-17
J1126 Why do I Come To Church
J1127 The Parable of the Sower
J1128 Why Should We Serve God
J1129 Remember The Creator
J1130 Our Purpose
J1131 The Mission of The Church
J1132 Children of God
J1133 Jesus, The True Vine, John 15:1-11
J1134 Will The Real Jesus Please Stand Up
J1135 Restoration, Our Plea
J1136 Mount Calvary
J1137 Back To The Closet
J1138 Spiritual Principles
J1139 Five Men and The Word of God
J1140 The Word of God
J1141 New Age
J1142 The Resurrection
J1143 Getting in the Way of God
J1144 The Last Judgment
J1145 Endeavor to Keep Unity
J1146 A Hunger For God
J1147 How We Got The Word
J1148 Giving
J1149 The Gospel, set of three
J1150 Building Up The Body
J1151 The God of This World
J1152 Christmas
J1153 Memorials
J1154 Apologetics
J1155 The 7 "R"s
J1156 The Bible
J1157 The Return of the Lord
J1158 Life And Beyond
J1159 Who Speaks For God?
J1160 But There Were the Wagons


MP01 Let us Rise Up And posses The Land
MP02 The Story of Love
MP03 Toward A Richer Happier Marriage

FS27-S6 Set of Six

JS 051 Jesus Christ The Authority of God
JS052 The Church tape #1
JS053 The Church tape #2
JS054 Recovering The Lost Thrill of Worship
JS055 The Lord's Table
JS056 Authority
JS057 What The World Needs
JS058 A Voice Not An Echo
JS059 A Servant Is Achievement Culture
JS060 A Haven in A Heartless World
JS061 The Drama of a Dreamer
JS062 Sin and It's Affect
JS063 The Gathering of the Ungifted
JS064 Witnessing of Whom Are We Witnessing
JS065 Interview With Strauss
JS066 Lord of the Cities
JS067 Generation at Risk and The Dreams of God
JS068 The Power of The Truth
JS069 The Church and The Designer Culture
JS070 Attitudes
JS071 The Resurrection Connection
JS072 Church With a Vision
JS073 Greater Never The Less
JS074 The Power of The Cross
JS075 Roots for Renewal, three tape album set

Six of the best in a single album.
EB-01 Ed Bousman,
DB-02 David Branholm,
DD-03 Don DeWelt,
ML-04 Marshall Leggett,
DM-05 Dean Mills,
JO-06 Joe O'Neal,
JS-07 James Strauss,

BS01 Creation vs. Evolution
BS02 Creation vs. Evolution

BS201 Book Of Revelation #1, James Strauss
BS202 Book Of Revelation #2, James Strauss
BS203 Book Of Revelation #3,James Strauss
BS101 History Reliability of New Testament, Barry McCarty
BS102 All The Bible - God Breathed, Lewis
BS103 God's Word - Truth Without Error, Barry McCarty
BS104 From God to Us, Origin of The English Bible, Neal W. May (6 tapes)
BS105 Old Testament Studies, Dr. H.L. Willmington, eight tapes

Clarence Greenleaf

CP301 New Testament Church
CP302 What is Church Polity
CP303 Church of First Century
CP304 Time of Origin
CP305 Foundations - Apostles
CP306 Foundations - Prophets
CP307 Evangelists I
CP308 Evangelists II
CP308-A Evangelists II
CP309 Evangelists III
CP310 Elders I
CP311 Elders II
CP312 Elders III
CP313 Deacons I
CP314 Deacons II
CP315 Deacons III
CP316 Church Discipline
CP316-A Church Discipline
CP317 Women in The Church
CP317-A Women in The Church
CP318 Church Polity, three tape set


C-101 Witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses.
C-102 Witnessing to Jehovah's Witness
C-103 Witnessing to Jehovah's Witness
RC50a-c Roger Chambers, Series on Cults


D-F801 Where Are The Dead


S-D601 The Pope
S-D602 The Jews
S-D603 Catholic Doctrine vs. The Bible
S-D604 Quran vs. The Bible


SJ05 God's Only Plan, Steve Johnson
SJ06 Raising up Leadership Quickly, Steve Johnson
FK07 Women Discipling Women, M. Fuqua/ J. Krause
JA08 Raising A Dead Bible Talk, Jess Asper
KF09 The Role of Evangelists and Elders, J.Krause/ M. Fuqua
TT10 House Churches, Tom Turnbull
JA11 One On One Discipleship, Jess Asper
SJ12 Discipleship Groups, Steve Johnson
BW13 Helping The Weak To Become Fruitful And Mature, Bruce Williams
RE14 Building The Teen Group, Russ Ewell
MM15 Even Greater Things, Mark Mancini
GG52 The Guiding Hand Of God, George Gurganus
JJ53 The Boston Story
DJ54 The Holy Spirit's role in empowering the church
To Grow, Douglas Jacoby
JW55 Small Group Evangelism Discipling, Joe Woods
GF56 New Testament Worship Services, Gordon Ferguson
MJ57 Every Disciple Making Disciples, Milton Jones
JJ58 House Church Principles, Dr. Jerry Jones
JL59 Radical New Testament Evangelism, Jim Lloyd
CC60 The Role of Elders And Evangelists
SM61 Music And the New Testament Church, Sherwin
MW62 The Power of Preaching, Marty Wooten
GB63 Restoring the Biblical Role of Women's Leadership
RM64 Do Not Go Beyond What Is Written, Randy McKean
TL65 Discipleship, Tom Lawson


EV501 Need To Reach The Cities
EV502 Open Our Eyes, Lord
EV503 Local Church and N. Church Evangelism
EV504 Evangelizing the World, Mike Steere
EV505 How To Have Healthy Home Bible Studies, Jim Phegley
EV506 Bringing Your Faith Into The Market Place,
EV507 Work of Evangelist in Local Congregation
EV508 Witnessing To Jews, Warren Wernsbe
EV509 Role of Evangelist and Elders, J. Krause/M.
EV510 Small Group Evangelism And Discipling,
EV511 Radical New Testament Evangelism,
EV512 The Role of Elders And Evangelists,
EV513 A Way of Evangelism

GT001 Aids, Three Tapes

RFC01 Lord Show Us Thy Glory
GS02 Generation of Giants, (6 tapes)


AS01 The Coming of The Kingdom
AS02 Light and Darkness, Part I
AS03 Light and Darkness, Part II
AS04 Baptism of the Holy Spirit
AS05 The Church
AS06 Acts Overview 1-8
AS07 Acts Overview 9-18
AS08 Books of Acts Overview 18-28

REVELATION, 36 tapes

PH10 The Book of Philippians, twelve tapes

EP11 Ephesians, One Hope, Clarence Greenleaf, 4 tapes


WR01 Stewardship, Wally Rendel
KI02 Having a Mind To Pray, Ken Idleman
DH03 How to Get Into Trouble, Donald Hubbard
SB03 Getting Things Straight, Stuart Briscoe
GF04 Divorce and Remarriage, George Faull
DC05 Colossians 1:1,2, Don Cooper
DR06 Millennial Views, David Reagan
RW07 Ministry on The University Campus, Roy Weece
DH08 Christians in Politics, Donald Howard
ES09 Church Disciples, Evans
SB10 Women in The Church, Stuart Briscoe
JA11 What Evidence Proves That Jesus Christ is God,
John Ankerberg
TT12 Our Plea, Tom Thurman
CB13 God Bless America Again, Charlie Brown
DM14 Pray For Holiness
ML15 Megaopps For Christians
GS16 Hannah's Prayer-Gary Serago
EV17 Hell, E.V. Hill
DG18 Preference or Conviction, David Gibbs
RZ19 Worship I, Ravi Zacharias

LS101 Secret of Leadership, Don Howard
LS102 Authority of Leaders, Al Baird
LS103 Leaders, Vaughn Elliott
LS104 Problem of Authority, Joe O'Neal
LS105 Developing Visionary Leadership, LeRoy Lawson
LS106 The Missing Ingredient in Leadership, George Faull
LS107 Being a Leader Without Losing Your Soul, Charles E. Cook
LS108 Women As Leaders, North American
LS109 Leadership Skills, Bill Cantrell (6 tapes)

GB01 The Lord's Supper, G.R. Beasley

MT101 Bob Harrington
MT102 You Are Great
MT103 S.T.P. The Racer's Edge
MT104 David and The Princess
MT105 The Unique and Mysterious Role of Hope
MT106 Problems and How They Help Us
MT107 To The Top
MT108 Emotional Logic
MT109 Goal Setting
MT110 Goal Setting
MT111 Lose The Loser's Limp Dexter Yager
MT112 Sickness, Suffering, & the Sovereignty of God,
Hank Hanegraaff

PC202 Having A Mind To Pray
PC203 Prayer and God's Will
PC204 Prayer of Intercession
PC205 What Can God Do With You
DD01 David's Prayer Life
PC206 Bible's Last Prayer, Tom Thurman

PR-FC1 Fred Craddock, Set of three tapes
PR-IPW2 Dr. Ian Pitt-Watson, Set of four tapes
PR3 Attracting a Crowd, (2 tapes)
PR4 Hermeneutics, Walter Martin. (6 tapes)

RN10 Issues Facing The Restoration Movement, Roger Chambers
RN11 A Look At The Contemporary Scene, Tom Thurman
RN12 Restoration of New Testament Joy
RN13-18 Restoration Heritage 1996

WP01 Worship, (four tapes)

CG01 Leading Your Church Through Change, (2 tapes)
CG02 Building a Purpose Driven Church, Rick Warren
CG03 Ministry of Raising Money for God=s Work,
CG04 And the Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail Jerry Savelle, (3 tapes)

DH01 Monkey Business II,
TCH02 Ten Commandments, (10 tapes)
TCH03 The Tangible Touch,

WOMEN in the Church
EE01 The Older Women To Teach The Younger- Keepers of The Home, Elizabeth Elliot


Attributes of God
TN01A His Power, James Girwood
TN02B His Eternal Purpose, Clarence Greenleaf
TN03 The Sovereignty of God, R.C. Sproul (2 tapes)

Study of Peter 1:
Kingdom Living Within
SP01 Part 1, Tom Lawson
SP02 Part 2, Tom Lawson
SP03 Part 3, Tom Lawson

Creation v\s Evolution
CE012 Parts 1,2, Doughty v\s Fezer
CE034 Parts 3,4, Doughty v\s Fezer

Preaching Seminar, Hillsboro 1994
PSH01 Keeping Ourselves in Love
With Jesus, Denny Coburn
PSH02 Knowing the Love of Jesus, George Faull
PSH03 Love and Service, Tom Thurman
PSH04 Learn to Love Jesus, Danny Vanscoy
PSH05 Hindrances of Loving Jesus, Sherwood Smith
PSH06 Motivation for Loving Jesus, Dean Mills
PSH07 Demonstrating Love for Jesus, Art Merkle
PSH08 The Greatest Commandment, George Faull

Salvation and Calvinistic Influences
SCI01 Tape A, Charles Gresham
SCI02 Tape B, Charles Gresham

Bold Commitment
BC10 To Spiritual Leadership,Ken Idleman
BC11 To The Bible, Ken Idleman
BC12 Building Character Through Commitment, (four tapes)
Historical & Current Pursuits For Unity

DT12 Core Values of the Church, Dr. David Jeremiah
12 tapes

Grace and Salvation
GS-4 Amazing Grace, (6 tapes)
GS-5 Grace to Overcome, Peace to Prevail, & Power to live, (8 tapes)

Minor Prophets
MP01 Hosea, The Door of Hope
MP02 Joel, Day of The Lord
MP03 Amos, When the Lion Roars
MP04 Obadiah, Laughing at Distress
MP05 Jonah
MP06 Micah
MP07 Nahum, Opposing God
MP08 Habakkuk, How Long Lord
MP09 Zephaniah, The Great Day of the Lord
MP10 Haggai, A Sense of Value
MP11 Zechariah, The King is Coming
MP12 Zechariah 3, The Branch of God
MP13 Malachi, The Final Message

CK092 Faith is The Victory
CK096 The Faith That Never Fools Us
CK081 The Faith That Never Falters
CK088 The Faith That Never Fails

SI01 Conversation Power, James K. Van Fleet, (6 tapes)
SI02 Memory Made Easy, Robert Montgomery, (3 tapes)
SI03 Memory Tapes, (six tapes)
SI04 Mega Memory, Kevin Trudeau (8 tapes)
SI05 Your Secret Wealth, Jay Abraham
SI06 First Things First, Stephen R. Covey
SI07 Lead The Field, Earl Nightingale (6 tapes)
SI08 Unlimited Power, Anthony Robbins
SI09 Mental Toughness, James Loehr & Peter Mclaughlin
SI10 Coping With Difficult People, Robert Bramson
SI11 Psychology of Acheivement, Brian Tracy
SI12 New Technology of Acheivement
SI13 Personality Plus, Florence Littauer (4 tapes)
SI14 God=s Way to Health, Wealth, & Wisdom Adrian Rogers, (6 tapes)
SI15 Word Smart, (four tapes)
SI16 The Purpose Driven Life, (10 tapes)
SI17 Marks of a Mature Person, Vol. I & II, 15 tapes

John-roger and Peter Mcwilliams
102A-G DO IT! A set of six tapes


FW01 The Right View
FW02 Prayerful Planning
FW03 Dealing With Debt
FW04 The Basic Step

LIFE 101(Everything We Wish We Learned in School- but Didn't),

Peter Mcwilliams
101A-I Life 101, set of five tapes

SC01 Who Is Christ?
SC02 Christ Above All
SC03 Christ: The Head Of The Church
SC04 Christ In You, Your Hope
SC05 Complete In Christ
SC06 Our Position In Christ

UA100 The Covenant of Marriage
UA101 Portrait Of A Godly Man
UA102 The Submission Of The Man
UA103 Respecting Your Man

(Studies in Matthew 19)
GR709 Matthew 19:1-12
GR710 Matthew 19:7-9
GR711 Matthew 19:7-9 cont.
GR712 Matthew 19:10-12

 RD01 What You See is What You Get
RD02 Million Dollar Habits
RD03 It's Your Time...Make It Count
RD04 How to Get What You Want With What You've Got
RD05 What Goes Around Comes Around
RD06 Tune-Up Time